Doggie Walk Bags Economy Doggie Walk Bags, Pack of 105

Doggie Walk Bags Economy Doggie Walk Bags, Pack of 105
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Since 1988, the Doggie Walk Bags team has worked hard to create the ideal bag for picking up after ones pet. Our creation of this ideal bag needed to include these features; Odor Neutralization to mask offensive odors and make the task more tolerable, (no animals were used in testing of the scent), Easy Tie Handles to close and knot the bag for a tight seal, Opaque Colors so no one can see what is in the bag, and Responsibly Priced so bags can be used daily. But perhaps most importantly is what affect our bag would have on the environment. One of our top priorities is to minimize our global footprint. Besides cleaning up the mess now, we want to make sure we are not creating messes for generations to come. Plastic is a hot topic in current environmental issue discussions. But, some companies are responsible with their plastic production and we are proud to be in that category. Doggie Walk Bags are 100-percent degradable and are made from recycled plastics. When the plastic for our bag is made, special chemicals are added to the formula to speed up the decomposition process. Where a plastic water bottle can take dozens of years to degrade, the decomposition process for our bags begins within two months, about the same time as an apple-core takes. Also convenient for dirty diaper disposal, cat litter pick-up, car trash, camping waste, dirty gym clothes, wet bathing suits, and car, boat, or air sickness needs. Proudly made in the OC, Orange County – California USA. nn A bag containing 105 folded doggie walk bags Non scented Opaque: yes, tie handle: yes Bags are 100-percent degradable Great for a single bag in your pocket or tying to your leash

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