Proactiv 4pcs 60days Kit- Cleanser/toner/lotion/refining Mask

Proactiv 4pcs 60days Kit- Cleanser/toner/lotion/refining Mask
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Brand: Proactiv
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Proactiv Solution 4 pieces kit - 60 days supply (BRAND NEW) DETAIL : 1. Renewing Cleanser - 4oz (Exp:12-2012) 2. Revitalizing Toner - 4oz 3. Repairing Treatment/Lotion - 2oz (Exp:09-2012) 4. Refining Mask - 2.5oz (Exp: 11-2013) How to step: 1: Renewing Cleanser - Oil free formula that contains 2.5% of benzoyl peroxide in combination with a mild, light scented cleanser. Tiny beads gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells and impurities while unclogging pores. 2: Revitalizing Toner - Alcohol-free formula will hydrate your skin and balance your skin tone while reducing and soothing inflammations. This unique combination with Alpha Hydroxy Acids gently removes dead skin cells and helps repair skin for a younger more radiant look to your skin. 3: Repairing Lotion - Oil Free formula attacks all bacteria under your skin and help concur new breakouts from forming. Formula contains finely milled benzoyl peroxide to lightly get to the source of the problem and dry up blackheads and blemishes and prevent future breakouts from occurring. *** Refining Mask - This medicated, rich mask is formulated with Sulfur, a proven acne-fighting ingredient that reaches deep into pores where blemishes begin. Cool, soothing Kaolin, helps absorb excess surface oils where special formula soothes and refined skin tone and texture. Clean up blemishes and help reduce the appearance of pore size, leaving skin looking fresh and radiant. Also great for emergency blemish treatment. nn PROACTIV 4PCS 60DAYS TRIAL

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