Bicycle storage cover

Bicycle storage cover
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Brand: covermates
Category: patio furniture
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As kids, we used to put our bicycles through the worst of it. Mud, dirt and water were of no concern as we rode over and through nearly anything and everything that was in our way. When the elements finally got the best of our two-wheeled roadster, we'd turn to our parents to fix it so we could ride again. But now we are the parents, and we've had to learn to protect our own bicycles as well as our children's bicycles. While you may not be able to protect those bicycles while they are burning up the road, you can protect them while they are stored away with a CoverMates bicycle storage cover.Our hunter green, 12 mil, heavy duty vinyl bicycle storage cover is virtually impenetrable to water so it is safe to keep out in the rain or snow. A polyester lining is used underneath to prevent pests from making their home beneath the covers, as well as keeping mold and mildew from growing. The heavy, commercial grade vinyl used for the bicycle storage cover is also very easy to clean because dirt and water simply roll off. A strong elastic band runs along the bottom of our bike storage covers to hug the bicycle tight, and a buckle underneath will make sure it will stay on even in the wind. Each Classic vinyl cover comes with our industry leading 2 year manufacturer's warranty. The CoverMates vinyl bicycle cover is the perfect choice for those who want to keep their bicycles protected all year long. However, precious childhood memories are not included. Weatherproof, high quality hunter green vinyl material with polyester lining Strong elastic bottom to hold covers snuggly in place Adjustable buckle assures a secure fit on windy days Protects bicycles from moisture and harmful UV rays of the sun Full 2-year manufacturer's warranty

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