Weather wrap bicycle covers

Weather wrap bicycle covers
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Brand: brookstone
Category: patio furniture
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Sale Price: $19.95
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Protect your ride with a heavy-duty, form-fitting Weather Wrap(R) bicycle cover. This durable cover preserves your bike from harsh summer sun, bitter winter cold, ice, snow, rain, dirt and debris. Not just an off-season storage solution, use these easy bicycle covers all year long to keep your bikes clean and dry. Made from tear- and puncture-resistant PVC fabric, our bicycle cover lets you leave your ride outside--yet still guarded against the elements. Protect against mildew, rust and dirt build-up with a bicycle cover. Hook-and-loop fasteners keep our waterproof bicycle cover in place, while a soft, felt-like fabric lining safeguards against scratches. And the tough PVC material will protect against bitter cold down to -22°F without cracking. Available in Green, Khaki and Charcoal. 783/4" w x 43" l. Treated right and properly maintained, your bike will offer transportation and enjoyment for years to come. Buy one of these weather-resistant bicycle covers to protect your investment and keep your bicycle looking great all year long! Shell is lined with soft felt-like fabric to safeguard from scratches. Protects against bitter cold down to -22F without cracking. Shell shields your bike from all kinds of weather. Engineered with reinforced, tear-resistant vinyl Dimensions: 70 3/4" W x 42" L x 42 7/8" H.

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