Handcrafted kashmiri embroidered in pure wool fabric with bootie work shwl0007r

Handcrafted kashmiri embroidered in pure wool fabric with bootie work shwl0007r
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Shawl is one of the most important products woven by the artisans of Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. These shawls were so special that they often made the exclusive royal gifts to special ones. Beautiful, versatile and resilient pure new wool naturally breathe for year round comfort. This shawl carries Royal Kraft, the symbol of qulaity for Pure Wool and Cotton. Care for it and it will reward you with lasting good looks. The colors used in one shawls vary from two to fifty.Kashmir embroideryKashmir embroidered shawl has unique charm. Floral patterns in multi color are embroidered on solid color wool fabric. They are known for their softness and warmth. Pashmina is an Urdu and Persian word which only became popular after the so-named shawls, woven in Kashmir, started being popular in the west.Jamawar & Paisley ShawlThe jamawar design is a special floral pattern, which resembles the mango fruit design. Plain shawlsPlain raw silk shawls are the most elegant of all shawls made in India. Apparel and crafts from the northern states of India of Kashmir, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh comprise of many charming products. wool Color Belongs To The Pink Beige Family Size: 80 inches x 40 inches Handmade Pure Wool Shawl. This is not a Kaftan or Poncho. Created by handloom weavers of Kashmir valley in North India. Orders Delivered In 2-3 Business Days.

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