Hi dow massage mouse 11

Hi dow massage mouse 11
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Brand: hi dow
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The Massage Mouse® - This massage unit approximately the size of a computer mouse. The compact design allows the unit to be easily placed near you while you experience your massage. It is easily operated using an On/Off switch located on the side. This switch also adjusts the intensity. The Mode button located on the top switches between the four modes that The Massage Mouse® has to offer. The "ears" allow this unique massager to also double as a document holder. It's an electronic hands-free massager used to relieve back, leg, neck, and shoulder stiffness or fatigue and is available in two colors, platinum or titanium. It runs by 9V battery (included) and it's powerful. Massage Mouse Unit 1 set pad wires 1 set large pads 1 set small pads 9 volt battery

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