Best care electronic digital massager, model ts07-1101 - 1 ea

Best care electronic digital massager, model ts07-1101 - 1 ea
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Brand: best care
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Sale Price: $28.30
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This is a fully featured home digital electronic muscle massager and muscle stimulation device. The Best Care Digital Massager is specifically designed to deliver a refreshing invigorating personal massage with 6 distinct operating modes: Tapping I , Tapping II , Kneading, Pressing, Vibrating, Massager. Whether you are treating your upper back, lower back, neck, shoulder or legs, this massager soothes the ache, relieves the stiffness and improves healthy blood circulation. Other uses for the massager include physical therapy, chronic nerve pain relief, and atrophy rehabilitation. The unit is great for home use and has a sturdy belt clip for easy and discrete portability. Wave form: Symmetric biphasic square pulse, Pulse Width: Fixed at 100 micro sec, Timer: 15 min Auto Shut-off , Size (H)x(W)x(L) 1.4 x 5.8 x 12.4 cm Digital Electronic Personal Massage soothes aches and invigorates the body. Drug-free relief of muscle stiffness, aches, tiredness and even chronic nerve pain. 6 Output Modes: Tapping I, Tapping II, Kneading, Pressing, Vibrating, & Massager Easy adjustments, reusable electrodes, 8 intensity levels, very portable Includes: Digital Massage Unit, 3 AA batteries, wires and 4 reusable electrodes.

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