Gene-eden: natural antiviral treatment for chronic viruses, broad spectrum, scientific, patented for

Gene-eden: natural antiviral treatment for chronic viruses, broad spectrum, scientific, patented for
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The development of Gene-Eden was inspired by Dr. Hanan Polansky's highly acclaimed scientific discovery of the Starved Gene phenomenon. The discovery explains how chronic viruses cause disease. What is a virus? It is the smallest form of life. It includes a set of genes and a shell. When it enters a cell, it plants itself in the nucleus and starts to manufacture its proteins. How does it manufacture its proteins? A virus is a genetic parasite. To manufacture proteins, it "steals" raw materials from the human genes. What happens to the human genes? They stop manufacturing their own proteins, which leads to disease. What is a latent or chronic virus? A virus that co-exists with us for life. It is not dormant, but continues to produce proteins, and by that, it starves the human genes. Which chronic viruses are dangerous? Those that steal scarce raw materials. In high concentrations these viruses are dangerous. Should you be worried? Almost all of us harbor some chronic viruses in our body. The number of these viruses increases with aging, after exposure to X-Ray, cellular, or UV radiation, during stressful events, or when we take certain medications. And when they multiply, they can cause a major disease. How can you protect yourself? By taking Gene-Eden, a broad range, all natural, antiviral supplement that targets chronic or latent viruses. What is the recommended dose? For full results, Gene-Eden needs to be taken for at least two months. At the lowest dose, a bottle provides 1-month supply of capsules. Therefore, we recommend starting with a minimum of two bottles. At the highest dose, we recommend starting with a minimum of four bottles. Why Gene-Eden? Chronic viruses create a hell for your genes. Gene-Eden creates a natural, heaven on earth environment for them. Gene-Eden is a natural, science-based, antiviral supplement that targets many chronic viruses such as Hepatitis, Epstein Barr (EBV), Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Herpes, and Influenza. Gene-Eden targets viruses during their chronic, latent, or incubation phase. Gene-Eden has a unique, patent protected formula. Gene-Eden assists the immune system in fighting chronic viruses. Gene-Eden aims to decrease the concentration of chronic viruses to harmless levels. Unlike drugs, improvements are gradual, and sometimes are easily missed. We know Gene-Eden works. We invite you to try Gene-Eden for a month. If you do not see an improvement, return the bottles for a complete refund! After taking Gene-Eden for a few weeks, we recommend taking a standard blood test (visit for specifics) to objectively see the improvements in your health.

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