Ergolean amp2 next generation 120ct by ergopharm

Ergolean amp2 next generation 120ct by ergopharm
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Brand: ergo pharm
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The original Ergopharm AMP set a new standard for fat loss and energy with the introduction of the proprietary compound Geranamine. With AMP2 you get the now legendary power of the Geranamine & Caffeine combo stacked alongside these seven new fat burning powerhouses. Evodiamine, Zingerone, and Raspberry ketone These three compounds all belong to the same class of compounds known as vanilloid receptor agonists. They work by enhancing the release and potentiating the action of norepinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Scientific studies have shown that these compounds increase energy expenditure and promote the loss of body fat. Burns Fat; Boosts Energy Appetite Suppressant

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