Premium portable ultrasonic ultrasound device zza1000

Premium portable ultrasonic ultrasound device zza1000
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Brand: ultrasound
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Features of the Portable Ultrasound: Portable ultrasound unit features three power settings. Generates deep heat within body tissues for treatment of selected medical conditions, such as pain relief, muscle spasms and joint contractures. Not for the treatment of malignancies. Comes in a hard-sided, protective, plastic case. Includes AC adapter, ultrasound gel and instruction booklet. HCPCS E1399 Product Specifications: Waveform: Pulse. Output Frequency: 1 MHz. Pulse Width: 5.4 ?s. Repetition Rate: 150 Hz. Output Intensities: Low (1.6 W), Medium (2.6 W) and High (4.6 W). Duty Cycles: Low (7%), medium (15%) and high (30%). Maximum Power: 8 W, temporal. Timer: 30-minute with automatic shut-off. Premium Portable Ultrasound Machine is designed to meet the needs of clinics This Portable Ultrasound Machine unit's is simple 1-2-3 operation. Switch: On / Off ,Timer Setting: 10 minutes auto-off Portable Ultrasound Machine also has Innovative features which includes high and low energy select displays.

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