Tahiti traders mangosteen max

Tahiti traders mangosteen max
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Regarded as the "Queen of Fruits", Mangosteen is native to the Malay Archipelago and Indonesia. Today it is abundantly grown in most wet, tropical regions of the Southeast Asia and beyond. Historically, Mangosteen has been used as a folk remedy to treat digestive and urinary tract disorders and as a health tonic for a wide variety of conditions. Mangosteen's scientific designation is Garcinia mangostana. The secret to the Organic Mangosteen MAX unique health benefits are Xanthones - highly specialized phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant properties. Xanthones (pronounced zan-thones) are biologically active plant phenols that are structurally similar to flavonoids that possess a high degree of medicinal properties. Mangosteen boasts the highest concentration of Xanthones of any fruit. Xanthones help fight & prevent cellular damage caused by free oxygen radicals, thus strengthening your body's immune system and improving your overall health. ? Antioxidant Protection - Prevents cellular damage from free oxygen radicals, promotes healthy cellular functions and supports cardiovascular health.* ? Immune Support - Supports your body's natural ability to fight infections, diseases, colds & flu.* ? Inflammation Control - Supports healthy prostaglandin and histamine levels to control inflammation.* ? Energy & Stamina - Provides nutritional support to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients to combat fatigue and improve energy & stamina.* ? Healthy Digestion - Promotes a healthy digestive system.* 32 Ounces Liquid Serving Size:

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