Lead-lok tens unit electrode pads, 4x6 butterfly - 1 ea

Lead-lok tens unit electrode pads, 4x6 butterfly - 1 ea
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Brand: lead lok
Category: pain relievers
List Price: $5.14
Sale Price: $3.95
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Lead-Lok TENS Unit Electrode Pads are designed for optimal delivery for TENS, EMS, and NMS pain management units. These TENS Foam Backed TENS Electrode Pads feature MultiStick Gel adhesive for maximum reusability. Because of our direct relationship with this manufacturer we are able to offer these Replacement Foam Backed TENS Electrode Pads at an exceptional value. As always, your full satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Professional "Prewired" Reusable Self-Adhering Electrodes For Electrotherapy Stimulation Resealable packaging helps retain moisture on electrode pad. Look for our Pre-TENS Electrode Spray and Lotion for extended electrode life. White Foam backing for comfort and flexibility. Good for hot and cold therapy. US made high-stick Ludlow Gel for up to 15-20 uses. Look for our Pre-TENS Conductive Spray for extended electrode life. Molded pin-wire connector for reliability and durability.

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