Pari sprint nebulizer

Pari sprint nebulizer
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Brand: pari
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PARI BABY Reusable Nebulizer Set Designed specifically for babies and young children under the age of 1. Combines efficient aerosol delivery with practical application. The only tight fitting (non-latex) mask designed for use in the delivery of Pulmicort Respules (AstraZenica), but is suitable for all approved nebulizer solutions. Rotatable elbow piece allows for multiple delivery positions; treatments can be given lying down, sitting in a lap or stroller, or standing. Reusable nebulizer, lasting 6 months, is dishwasher safe and may be boiled. Features a comfortable, reusable, soft, clear silicon mask with minimum dead space. No increase in respiratory effort required from patient. Set includes PARI LC Plus Nebulizer, Rotatable Elbow Adapter, Silicone Mask, Tubing, and instructions for use. 6 month warranty. The PARI LC® Sprint is the latest in the line of PARI LC® Reusable Nebulizers featuring shorter treatment times while maintaining the same efficient drug delivery as the PARI LC® Plus. With its ergonomic design, the LC® Sprint is easy to use and care for over its long life The new soft jet technology is able to deliver >65% of medication in the respirable range while speeding delivery by up to 20%. The Clear-ViewTM window allows the user to easily view the medication level remaining in the cup. The PARI LC® Family of Reusable Nebulizers - Used in more than 25 clinical trials for new respiratory medications, PARI reusable nebulizers deliver consistent particle size and fast aerosol treatments for targeted delivery to the lungs.

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